Month: January 2017

Gimme A Break!!!


Have you ever run out of Coping Coupons? There are days when I feel like I’m being pummeled by a tennis ball pitching machine gone berserk and everything is hitting me all at once.  My options are to: tear my hair out, scream into a paper cup, pound my fists on a table, run away and join the circus or stop and remember to breathe.

Believe me, I’ve done them all at one time or another, but now that I have found Essential Oils, I always choose breathing.  Not the ordinary kind of breathing mind you, but breathing the air put out by my trusty diffuser. I drop yummy, soothing aromas like ylang-ylang, bergamot, lemon and sandalwood Essential Oils into a half cup of water and turn the diffuser on.  In the time it takes to prep the diffuser, I can feel the tensions and anxiety already leaving my body in anticipation of the luscious moment ahead.  The next few minutes are total bliss. I change my nervous system from an Indie 500 race car into Margery Mellow.

beach-palm-treesI close my eyes, sit back in my chair and travel to my favorite place, which happens to be a nifty little beach on Kauai. While the fragrant aromas waft around me and the limbic center in my brain records the relaxation, in less than 5 minutes I’m ready to go back onto the world stage and wage peace or war depending what the tennis ball machine has in store for me.

When I learned how to use Essential Oils as a calming agent I shifted my life into a center of control instead of one of helter-skelter and being the target of whatever vector splatter may cross my path.

If the days gets rough, when the wolves are clawing at the door, my diffuser and I steal a few minutes away from the maddening crowd and relax. Just me and Margery.

Choose the aromas that make you happy and that transport you to into a world where you are carefree and uplifted, if only for a moment, and you will save your nervous system from wear and tear and your lovely face from premature wrinkles.  It’s a technique that can work brilliantly for you. Give it a try.