Month: April 2017

What Essential Oils Can Do for You.

Aromatic plants and the oils from them have been around for thousands of years. Dating back 18,000 years evidence of plants and oils were discovered in drawings on the caves in Lascaux, France. They are mentioned in Vedic literature and in China’s historical Yellow Emperor’s Book of Medicine and 300 liters of sacred plant oils were discovered in 1925, sealed in King Tut’s tomb for 3,000 years in apothecary jars. This record find gave new meaning to the term, “shelf life.”
If these Essential Oils have been around for 18,000 year, why don’t we know more about them? We may think we’re the smartest people on the planet, but we would do well to go back in time and learn secrets from the ancients. Before modern medicine the go-to healing agents were herbs, plants, and Essential Oils. They are powerful healing agents and chemical compounds derived from the flowers, bark, stems, leaves, seeds, wood, roots and peels. They were easily accessible to all people and fairly easy to steam distill and extract.
They assist the body be being absorbed through the nose and the skin and going to work on the issue at hand automatically. Some are astringent, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, expectorant, calmative, sedative, stimulating and much more. Once in the body, they head right to the source and repair what is ailing. They know exactly what to do and need no complex instruction. Essential Oils require dilution for safe use and caution while using. Never use an Essential Oil straight from the bottle, or “neat” as the term goes. Review the cautions and precautions before your dive in.
Using Essential Oils, you can:
• Create a massage oil blend for your aches, pains and muscle tightness.
• Add to shampoos for dandruff, greasy hair, dullness.
• Create your own face creams for your particular type of skin: mature, dry, oily, problem skin.
• Ward off colds and flu strains.
• Turn your bath in a therapeutic pool for stress release.
• Create peace and tranquility with aromas in your home.
• Develop your own cleaning products that are green and safe to use.
• Use them in place of some common medicines for headache, indigestion, tension and pain.

The Healing Art of Essential Oils will educate you, inspire you and give you great recipes for using Essential Oils to enhance your health and improve your life experiences. It also presents you with the cautions, toxins and dangers of using Essential Oils incorrectly. The book can be your bible for aromatherapy and a guide to natural pharmaceuticals at your fingertips.