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North Coast Ca. Help During the Fires

This update is for the folks up North and shows where the free food, showers,and water is and where the Animal shelters are and rescue sites are during this very scary time. It’s wonderful that so many businesses and people are stepping forward to help ❤️
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• Amy’s Drive Thru in Rohnert Park: offering free meals to those evacuated. If you choose to pay for a evacuees meal, 100% of that money will be donated to help in the aids effort. (10/10/17 3:30pm)
• Nopalito (10/10/17): offering free burritos from 11-3 (1905 Bodega Ave)
• McGuires is offering free food
• Mystic Theatre/McNears (10/10/17): Serving Breakfast 9-11, Serving Lunch-soup and sandwiches from 12-3, Serving Dinner from 5-8. They can deliver or make meals to go. Contact them directly at 707-765-2121
• Sauced BBQ Restaurant (10/10/17): Serving free food from 9-4, offering place to rest and view TV
• Sweet Zone (10/10/17): Offering free Gelato
• Quinua Restaurant (10/10/17): Offering free lunch
• Lagunitas, Tap Room (10/10/17): Giving away free water- bring containers and they will fill them
• Amy’s in RP is offering FREE food today- limited menu. All money donated there will be given to families in need.
• The Drawing Board (10/10/17): Offering food delivery to those in need, plus a special menu for firefighters and victims.
• Comcast (10/10/17) FREE Internet/Comcast/Xfinity: Removed restrictions and opened their WiFi hotspots for all to use through Fri. 10/13 Log in as “Guest”.
• Copperfield’s Books Petaluma: Free wifi, allows dogs, water, stickers & crayons for children
• Mystic Theatre/McNears/The Roaring Donkey (10/10/17): Offering laptops for fire victims to use if they need to get a hold of their financial institutions or family. Ask for Sierra Bradley.
• Roaring Donkey has laptops set up and wifi and chargers for people, as needed.
• Petaluma Swim Center (10/10/17): Offering showers 8:30-10:30 am and 3:00-5:30 pm today. (Soap, Shampoo and Towels provided)
• Synergy Health Club (10/10/17): Offering free showers plus towels to those in need. Also a place to relax with couches and TV.
• Adventure Recreation – 2200 Petaluma Blvd. N. will be open until 6pm for kids to play out of the smoke. Free for fire victims. Proceeds from others will be donated to relief efforts.
• Petaluma Bowling Alley (10/10/17): Offering a free space to hang out and free games.
• Copperfield’s Books Petaluma: Free wifi, allows dogs, water, stickers & crayons for children
• Sax’s Joint – 317 Petaluma Blvd. S – Collecting Men’s Basketball shorts and sweats, as well as socks and underwear for both men and women from 6am-4pm Tues. 10:10 to distribute to shelters.
• California Academy of Sciences Free, safe place for families during the day
• Ethical Clothing – 122 Kentucky Street. 707-769-8564. Open Tuesday. The middle room of the store is a free clothing boutique for those in need. For non-evacuees, they will also sell newly donated items for $25 a piece and donate the money to those in need.
• Yoga Hell: Free yoga classes, plus an easy drop-off donation site for locals
.Dickson Ranch in Woodacre is taking horses: ATTN FIRE EVACUEES! We can help – If you need to evacuate! Call (415)488-0454 or call Call Leah Jane Oberfelder if you are in St Helena/ Calistoga area! 415-272-4110
• Petaluma Animal Shelter (10/10/17) – Snuggle Shuttle @ Petaluma Community Center at Luchessi Park (707-778-7387) Offering pet food, water, boarding, and lost and found pet information.
• Strong’s Second Chance Ranch (10/10/17): Offering to home horses, can message on Facebook
• Chanslor Ranch – Bodega Bay, Offering free beds and campsite. Kid and pet friendly. (707)875-2721
• Sonoma Humane Society – 5345 Highway 12 West, Santa Rosa. Taking in animals for boarding, lost & found animals. No cost vet treatment for burn victims, owned or stray animals affected by fires. Open 8-5 daily.
• Unleashed Dog Training for boarding and if you need a place to hang. Call at 707.763.9882
• Marin Humane Society offering free boarding
• Misc animal issues: Anyone encountering animal related issues can call 707-565-4406. This number will be available 24/7 until further notice. Donations can also be made through this line. Please be prepared to share information about the number of animals, type of animals, address and location for the animals, and any information about the families associated with the animals, if known.
• Adding:Better homes and Gardens in Sebastopol will give you a cup of coffee and wifi and you can charge your phone. 186 Main st sebastopol. Come on over.
(Thank you Frances Fisher for the post)

12 Billion Dollar Business

An article by Grand View Research suggests that essential oil sales will reach  $11.67 BILLION by the year 2022. They attribute the high sales to growing consumer awareness regarding the health benefits of essential oils and natural products. You can use this notice as a tip for stock investment or you can use it as a reminder to purchase The Healing Art of Essential Oils and get yourself on the natural and organic bandwagon using essential oils for your personal and your family’s health.  Buy the book:


Gimme A Break!

Have you ever run out of Coping Coupons? There are days when I feel like I’m being pummeled by a tennis ball pitching machine gone berserk and everything is hitting me all at once.  My options are to: tear my hair out, scream into a paper cup, pound my fists on a table, run away and join the circus or stop and remember to breathe.

Believe me, I’ve done all of them at one time or another, but now that I have found Essential Oils, I choose breathing.  Not the ordinary kind of breathing mind you, but breathing the air put out by my trusty diffuser. I drop yummy, soothing aromas like ylang-ylang, bergamot, lemon and sandalwood Essential Oils into a half cup of water and turn the diffuser on.

In the short time it takes to prep the diffuser, I can feel the tensions and anxiety already leaving my body in anticipation of the luscious moments ahead. The next few minutes are total bliss. I change my nervous system from an Indie 500 car race into Margery Mellow.

I close my eyes, sit back in my chair and travel to my favorite place, which happens to be a nifty little beach on Kauai. While the fragrant aromas waft around me and the limbic center in my brain records the relaxation, in less than 5 minutes I’m ready to go back onto the world stage and wage peace or war depending what the planet has in store for me.

When I learned how to use Essential Oils as a calming agent, I shifted my life into a center of control instead of one of helter-skelter and being the target of whatever vector splatter may cross my path.

If the days gets rough, when the wolves are clawing at the door, my diffuser and I steal a few minutes away from the maddening crowd and relax. Just me and Margery Mellow.

Choose the aromas that make you happy and that transport you to into a world where you are carefree and uplifted, if only for a moment, and you will save your nervous system from wear and tear and your lovely face from premature wrinkles.  It’s a technique that can work brilliantly for you. Give it a try. Take a well-deserved break.

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The mosquito’s are back in full force here in Southern VA.

I tried to hide under the sheet all night but the little bugger still got me. On page 61 of Kac Young‘s The Healing Art of Essential Oils is the solution:
“To chase off and repel bugs: mix 15 drops of lavender essential oil and 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in 2 tbl of carrier oil and rub on your skin.”
Thank you Kac!  – Lisa Hagan

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What Essential Oils Can Do for You.

Aromatic plants and the oils from them have been around for thousands of years. Dating back 18,000 years evidence of plants and oils were discovered in drawings on the caves in Lascaux, France. They are mentioned in Vedic literature and in China’s historical Yellow Emperor’s Book of Medicine and 300 liters of sacred plant oils were discovered in 1925, sealed in King Tut’s tomb for 3,000 years in apothecary jars. This record find gave new meaning to the term, “shelf life.”
If these Essential Oils have been around for 18,000 year, why don’t we know more about them? We may think we’re the smartest people on the planet, but we would do well to go back in time and learn secrets from the ancients. Before modern medicine the go-to healing agents were herbs, plants, and Essential Oils. They are powerful healing agents and chemical compounds derived from the flowers, bark, stems, leaves, seeds, wood, roots and peels. They were easily accessible to all people and fairly easy to steam distill and extract.
They assist the body be being absorbed through the nose and the skin and going to work on the issue at hand automatically. Some are astringent, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, expectorant, calmative, sedative, stimulating and much more. Once in the body, they head right to the source and repair what is ailing. They know exactly what to do and need no complex instruction. Essential Oils require dilution for safe use and caution while using. Never use an Essential Oil straight from the bottle, or “neat” as the term goes. Review the cautions and precautions before your dive in.
Using Essential Oils, you can:
• Create a massage oil blend for your aches, pains and muscle tightness.
• Add to shampoos for dandruff, greasy hair, dullness.
• Create your own face creams for your particular type of skin: mature, dry, oily, problem skin.
• Ward off colds and flu strains.
• Turn your bath in a therapeutic pool for stress release.
• Create peace and tranquility with aromas in your home.
• Develop your own cleaning products that are green and safe to use.
• Use them in place of some common medicines for headache, indigestion, tension and pain.

The Healing Art of Essential Oils will educate you, inspire you and give you great recipes for using Essential Oils to enhance your health and improve your life experiences. It also presents you with the cautions, toxins and dangers of using Essential Oils incorrectly. The book can be your bible for aromatherapy and a guide to natural pharmaceuticals at your fingertips.