Before You Buy

If you are intrigued by and thinking about buying some Essential Oils, be sure you do your homework first. Essential Oils are powerful, condensed and concentrated essences distilled from real plants, flowers and trees. As such, they could harm you as well as help you if you:

  • use them full strength without diluting them
  • fail to do a “patch test” on your skin with a (carrier-oil diluted) drop of Essential Oil
  • inhale them for too long or too concentrated
  • expose young children to them without proper care and dilution
  • use them in inappropriate places or strengths
  • expect them to be a magic bullet with instant results
  • ingest them without proper supervision and oversight

You also want to make sure you buy organic Essential Oils. You never know how they have been grown, harvested and processed unless you see the organic label. Rancid oils are not good for your body or lungs so make sure you know the source and always choose organic products. You don’t want to buy some improperly grown plant oil that may be infested with pesticides and toxins and shipped for 3 months in the hot cargo hold of an international transport ship. Pesticides can be concentrated and intensified in the distillation process just like the Essential Oils. Guard against toxins by buying organic.

If you choose wisely and carefully  you and your Essential Oils will be friends forever.