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How Essential Oils Can Help You Live a Better Life

How Essential Oils Can Help You Live a Better Life

Last night I was asked to give a presentation for my new book The Healing Art of Essential Oils for my long-time friend and colleague Dr. LJ Rose and her Natural Wellness Academy in Florida. I was happy to know she and her staff weren’t washed away in the recent hurricanes and storms. Grateful! Link to interview;

The people attending the teleconference were primarily students of the Natural Wellness Academy and they had wonderful questions about Essential Oils.  One of the first questions was about the history of Essential Oils. I was happy to share my research that Essential Oils goes way back to many cultures including the Vedas, the Sumerians, the Chinese and the Phoenicians. 320 Liters of Essential Oils were discovered in King Tut’s tomb in 1923. The alabaster jars had been meticulously sealed with special waxes and had retained the  scent of the oils for over 3000 years.

Another question they asked was, “Can you list your top three favorite oils and why?”  I likened the choice to that of a parent with ten children. How can you choose just three? Each one of them has special qualities, applications and charms…how could I limit my choice to only three? Wouldn’t the others feel diminished?  However, I did as requested and selected Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon Essential Oils.

I selected Lavender Essential Oil for its healing and soothing qualities and because its element is air, its ruling planet is Mercury and its gender is masculine.

I selected Tea Tree Essential Oil for its antiseptic and clearing qualities and because its element is fire, its ruling planet is Jupiter and its gender is feminine.

I selected Lemon Essential Oil for its antibacterial and uplifting qualities  and becasue its element is water, its ruling planet is the moon and its gender is feminine.

In working with Essential Oils I like to consider all of the properties each possesses and represents so I can balance and complement other Essential Oils.

In my book I show how you can heal yourself by using Essential Oils for chakra clearings and balancing, to strengthen the qualities of a given astrological sign and for creating special rituals that have depth and personal meaning for all the major accomplishments in life. That’s why I include the gender, the element and the ruling planet of each Essential Oil.

I was able to leave the students with a green recipe for household window cleaner that doesn’t streak and keeps the chemical toxins of  most OTC cleaners out of the air your breathe. I share it with you here:


In a spray bottle mix 50% water with 50% white vinegar and add 10-20 drops of organic Lemon Essential Oil. Shake well each time you use and see how well it cleans your windows. Note that without the commercial additives of alcohol, it may take you a few more swipes with the rag to achieve dryness, but I don’t mind since I am saving my lungs from the toxic fumes or manufactured window cleaners.

Here’s to shiny windows and clear lungs!